Etiquette questionnaire

1 When dining at a table, which is the place of honour?

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2 What is the appropriate number of rings a lady should wear?

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3 What is the acceptable number of rings for a man to wear?

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4 What is the appropriate type of socks a man should wear?

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5 The tip of your tie should:

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6 Which of the following is considered a professional outfit for ladies?

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7 What falls under professional grooming for ladies?

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8 When you are speaking to an individual, what matters most is

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9 After a meeting with a client, you should:

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10 How do you greet someone in an Arabic country?

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11 At a business reception, what are some good small-talk conversation topics?

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12 When hosting a business dinner, it is best to:

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13 You have been invited to attend a reception from 7.00pm

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14 What is the first sense that you utilize to identify a wine?

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15 What is a digestif?

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16 A telephone call during business hours should not ring more than how many times before it is answered?

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17 If you are accompanying a client up a staircase, which of the following is correct?

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18 What is the appropriate handshake method?

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19 What should you do if you bump into your client again after saying goodbye?

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20 When encountering a dissatisfied client who is shouting non-stop and hurling vulgar language at you, what is the appropriate course of action?

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21 If your guest spills their beverage during a meal, what should you do?

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22 What is the industry-standard shape of the ideal whiskey glass?

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23 If you are a female relationship manager, and your client is male, who goes first?

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24 As the host of an event, while waiting for your guests, you should:

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25 What is the appropriate way to use chopsticks?

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